The Beekeepers Field Guide


The Beekeepers Field Guide by David Cramp


This guide is designed for beekeepers to carry with them and use in the apiary and out in the field.  It is a diagnostic tool and an aide memoire for the hobbyist and for the professional beekeeper, who may know what to do but will at times need the information close to hand.


It includes:

-       A troubleshooting guide to problems with colonies and queen bees

-       A guide to field diagnosis, treatment and control of diseases

-       Seasonal apiary management and checklists

-       Hive product harvesting checklists

-       The beekeeper’s ready reckoner


The second and revised edition to this fully illustrated and handy guide to the apiary brings the science and craft of beekeeping to beekeepers right where they need it – in the field with the bees.


255 pages

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