Jumbo (14x12) National hive, including frames and foundation

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High Density Polystyrene British National Hive.


This is the hive recommended by the beekeepers at Bee Hive Supplies.  The larger jumbo or 14x12 brood box is better suited to the more vigorous hybrid bee common in the UK, it allows quicker, easier and less intrusive inspections than using the brood and a half system, and is more cost effective.


Our very thick insulated gabled roof provides 100mm/4" of solid insulation in the centre keeping your bees warm even in the coldest of conditions, and keeping the temperature constant throughout the summer. Our woven stainless steel open mesh floor is 150mm/6" thick providing excellent insulation and in the majority of cases does not need a hive stand.  The roof and floor combined with our 35mm/1.5" thick solid polystyrene walls will keep your bees dry and snug in the harshest of conditions.


The hive package includes a thick insulated gabled roof, with open mesh floor, a jumbo (14x12) brood box, 5 metre hive strap, plastic queen excluder, 11 hoffman spacing frames and foundation per lift, varroa inspection tray, entrance reducer and inner cover.


The supers are supplied including 11 Hoffman spaced frames and foundation.

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