Natural queen cell rearing kit (pack of 10)


10 sets of parts to raise and hatch queens from naturally formed queen cells.  Containing support blocks, natural queen cell holders and hair roller cages.


These queen cells can be produced where a frame of fresh eggs and larvae is removed from the donor colony and placed horizontally above the frames of a queen less cell raising colony.  This will induce the bees to draw out queen cells and raise queens, which once capped, can be cut from this frame and placed within the holder.


Alternatively, the queen cells can be from where the bees have raised their own queens as part of the swarming cycle or through queen replacement. 


The support blocks are fixed to a modified frame with one or more horizontal bars for queen cell raising.  Once the capped queen cells have been placed within the holders, these are fitted with a hair roller cage and then fixed onto the support blocks before they are returned to a colony to emerge.


The hatched virgin queens can be placed within our mini mating nucs with a smaller number of workers until the queens have successfully mated and are laying.  Or the virgins can be directly introduced to nucs or colonies as appropriate.

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